How do we cope with an ageing population?

It’s a well known fact that advances in science and developments in healthcare have resulted in a population who live longer, but what are the practical implications on society and our resources?

With an aging population, there are inevitably more people needing treatment, palliative care, residential care and support with both the physical and mental limitations of increasing age.  And, in due course, it will mean a dramatic increase in death rates, as the first generations of people living longer pass away. 

Dr Katherine Sleeman, NIHR Clinician Scientist in palliative medicine, wrote about the issues for BBC News Health in March 2018.

Thinking about how best to help the older members of our community in a practical way, we offer advice and services relating to Lasting Powers of Attorney – whether that be drafting them, registering them or helping someone who is acting as an Attorney.

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We offer advice about long term care options, estate and inheritance tax planning and setting up trusts.  We will talk to you and your loved ones about your wishes for your Will, draw it up and arrange for it to be stored securely.

In contemplation of death, we know that many of our older people worry about the financial and practical burden a funeral places on their loved ones.  We can talk to you and your family about how to set up and purchase a pre-paid funeral plan and research the best available product to meet your family’s needs.

Crucially, we are experienced in advising and acting in the administration of an estate either alongside, or in place of, the legal Personal Representatives of the deceased.  Probate, the legal process by which a person’s assets and liabilities are dealt with after their death, can be a complex undertaking, and we have the knowledge and expertise to each step more straightforward.

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