Making your appointment

You are welcome to attend our Buckingham town centre office.  Please book your weekday appointment by using our online booking system, or by telephone.

If is more convenient for you, we will arrange a home visit at no extra cost.  To book your home visit, please telephone our office directly so that we can schedule your appointment for the appropriate time and location.

In circumstances where it is essential that documentation is prepared immediately, we offer a Priority Service.  We meet with you at your home, hospital, hospice or care home as soon as possible.  We will draw up the required paperwork after our meeting and get it back to you in person as a matter of urgency.

To use this service, please telephone us directly.  There is a fixed fee of £100 for the Priority Service, which will be invoiced within 14 days of the booking being made.

Finding out more about our services

You will find a navigation menu at the top of each page to take you to the service you require.  Alternatively, hover over the icons on each page to read the service they relate to, and click on these to find out more.

Each page details some of the reasons each of our services are important as you plan for your future or how best to provide for your loved ones.  There are a number of FAQ sections and, where possible, we have provided information about our fixed fees.

The information is not exhaustive and, in some cases, our fee will depend on the details or complexity of your situation.  Please telephone or email us if you would like to get an estimate of costs or simply to find out more about the service we offer.  We will be glad to help.

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I needn’t have worried, Gail took care of everything, asked the right questions without prying.  Job done quickly and efficiently and without any hassle. I was so pleased I got my girlfriend to do her will as well. 

Very highly recommend this service – a fixed sensible price meant no shocks at the end.  Everyone, however old, should have a current will just in case.


Mark H