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Will disputes – how to avoid them!

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Avoiding inheritance disputes when you’re gone…

It’s not uncommon for someone’s Will to reveal one or two surprises.

Perhaps the deceased has left money to an unexpected beneficiary, or perhaps their estate is much larger (or smaller!) than they led people to believe.

And then there’s disappointment or shock, when those expecting to be included are not – with the inheritance being distributed elsewhere.

This is a really interesting scenario, set out in the ‘This is Money’ feature of the Daily Mail Online in April 2019.

The writer explains that her father, who had become distant from his family in the few years before he died, disinherited her and her children and left his estate to a woman his family did not know.  He did so in the belief that the woman was his daughter, and he made provision for the woman’s sister too.  The writer wants to challenge the Will, and isn’t sure how.

Read the article to find out more about the circumstances, and the advice given.

We encourage clients to carefully consider what they want to do with their estate before writing their Will.  We also think it is important, where possible, to talk about your wishes with your loved ones before you die, so that they know where they stand.

In this case, the father had repeatedly told the writer that she would inherit, but he left her and her family out of the Will.  Do not tell someone you are planning to leave them money if that is not the case.  It can lead to distress and confusion.  It may also result in delays to the administration of the estate if the individual tries to challenge your Will.

If you don’t have a Will, make an appointment to speak to us. 

It is important to have a well written Will which provides for your loved ones in the way you envisage.

If you do have a Will, book a free Will review with us to ensure it still meets your requirements.




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